Caylee's Body Found?

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It appears that Caylee Anthony's body has been found. It's been pretty obvious all along that the mother is who killed her. If not, then she at the very least does know who did it. She has lied to police constantly, searches for chloroform were found on her computer, the grandmother gave a fake brush to police asking for a brush of caylee's, and the body was found close to their house.

What makes me mad, though, is that they are not going to seek the death penalty. You know good and well if it was the father who did it, they would be seeking the death penalty.

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Casey Anthony's trial has eben interesting. I've been watching the whole thing since it started last Tuesday.

The defense now claims that Caylee died accidentally and that Casey behaved weirdly after it due to being molested in the past by her dad.

So in other words... the defense is lying just as Casey always does. Sad that she was dumb enough to kill her daughter. Likely all for the reason of hacing more time to party. Flat stupid. Casey seems like she could have eben nice and had a great life and why in the world she would kill her daughter... All she really had to do was let her parents take care of Caylee as they mostly did anyway.

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