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  1. Yeah a belated Congrats
  2. Armando Galarraga was robbed by the Umpire. How dare he. What's the apology gonna do. The commish could have overturned and took the easy way out. Shame on him.
  3. Guess we can crown Guy as NHL champ. Since we did not have the Stanley cup winner. For me go Chicago.....
  4. Yeah two in one month wow. Have him in my team at Yahoo.
  5. Yeah when I saw that knew it was going to make it easier to code.
  6. Yup , The two lows beat the two high seeds.
  7. Yeah believe you can get an additional box from netflix to upload films. But not to get Avatar right away. Its in the stores before it gets to cable or netflix. 5/20 is the date for netflix. I don't get the uploads to TV because they do not come with Closed Captions that I know of. I am hard of hearing. DVD' s have Closed Captions tho.
  8. Jason , No I don't think that info will be of any good. I do like the updates tho. Take care, Mike
  9. Yeah the Devils sucked......
  10. But I will be waiting for it come on Cable or get it from Netflix. Which comes first. I don't plan on paying $21.00 plus tax for it. Have you seen it? Will you buy or rent.
  11. Now from Iceland ...The shutdowns imposed after an Icelandic volcano begun erupting Wednesday have stranded millions of travelers. They are costing the aviation industry, already reeling from a punishing economic period, at least $200 million a day, according to the International Air Transport Association. The prospects for a return to normal air travel remained far from clear, however.
  12. Thanks for info. Yeah thats why I made a post to that effect. Yeah Nick Johnson now batting .167 .
  13. Ubaldo Jimenez Another no hit wonder. Yeah the Mets and Cards who would of thunk it 20 innings with the relief crew of the Mets. Won that bet of 3,000 pts. Only because Santana was pitching.
  14. I am in the pool for the NHL and NBA Fantasy Predictions. Man, my points went fast. I am in second place after the first week in my Baseball league with Yahoo. Good luck to you and Guyerson. Lets see I get points for post....HeHe
  15. Was glad the Yanks got Granderson a real good replacement for Damon or Matsui. Why they Nick Johnson I just don't know. I think before year end he will be replaced by somebody else. just my 2 cents.